4 Little Checks

GOAL - Children are on optimum developmental pathways.

Access to health and early year’s information and trusting relationships between services and parents are important to support access to health and well-being services. Community feedback supported the need for a collective approach to enhanced early intervention and child health in Kwinana and Cockburn.

The 4 Little Checks Action Team was formed around the time the Community Child Health program updated the health and development assessments and screening schedule.  The action team focused on increasing awareness of child development milestones,  implementing early intervention initiatives and working with primary healthcare professionals to roll-out early intervention rapid trials for hearing and developmental assessments.

Recent achievements and current focus

Me at 2 Passport
This booklet is based on stages of development for children at two years of age and helps parents’ knowledge of how their child is growing and developing.  It is full of fun and simple activities for two year olds.

This initiative originated from the Me at 3 program from the Peel Early Years Collective.

Rapid Trial
In 2018 we worked with four early learning centres, Nurse Prac Australia and Telethon Speech and Hearing to provide health, development and ear checks for young children.  The familiar environment and involvement of early learning educators made the experience a positive one for children.  Significantly, we found 59% of children screened were recommended for a second hearing screen in 4-6 week’s time.  The importance of ear health and hearing on a child’s development has been a continued focus of the Action Team.

Working with Goodstart Early Learning, NursePrac Australia, The Smith Family and Earbus Foundation of Western Australia, we are exploring training non-health professionals to provide ear screening for children in community settings.

Downloadable Resources