Celebrate Culture

Our Goal - A strong community spirit and cultural inclusion is celebrated in the community.

Vibrant, multicultural and socially cohesive communities have many positive influences on children and families.

Community consultation highlighted the need for more welcoming and inclusive activities within the  community.

The Celebrate Culture approach provides opportunities for individuals from various ethnic groups to share their knowledge, traditions and values to the wider community. By conveying diverse wisdom and experience, we aim to raise cultural awareness, reduce isolation and increase inclusion and education.

Celebrate Culture Action Team members implement cultural events across the community, enabling community members to be unified in their pride and share their rich histories.  These events promote diversity, community spirit and harmony.

Recent achievements and current focus

Cultural Cooking

Cooking is a great way for children to learn new skills. During the COVID-19 Pandemic we held online zoom cooking classes. For Mother's Day 2020 we collated a variety of recipes from community members into a recipe book.  In 2018 we held cultural cooking classes featuring family recipes and the amazing culinary skills of volunteers.  Early learning and community centres now provide similar programs in their term and school holiday programs.

That Was My Home
The Celebrate Culture Action Team in Kwinana has developed a platform for cultural sharing to raise awareness and breakdown barriers in the community.  Each program has involved a feature event, cultural story time and a children’s cooking and craft session.  Cultures celebrated so far include Aboriginal and Sudanese.  Planning is underway for Pakistani events.

If you would like to support one of our 'That was my Home' events, please view our sponsorship flyers.

Cultural Long Tables
The sharing of food has been a great way to create a strong cultural spirit in City of Cockburn.  The Long Table event series has created connections between families from different cultures and has seen some amazing dance and song performances from the Chinese and African communities.

Volunteer-led community events The Action Teams have gone from strength to strength with passionate community members volunteering their time to share their experiences and knowledge in the community.   These volunteers are always out and about and involved in local events including cultural neighbour day events and Chinese New Year.