8.1% of 5 year olds in Cockburn and 13.5% of 5 year olds in Kwinana are considered vulnerable for their physical health and wellbeing.  

Breathe Blow Cough

What is Breathe Blow Cough?

The Blow Breathe Cough (BBC) activity helps early childhood and school educators teach young children about nose blowing, coughing into elbows, hand / face washing and drying. These are essential for preventing the spread of the germs that cause ear trouble, coughs and colds.

Importance of BBC

Did you know that 59% of children attending childcare who had ear screening through Ears2Learn presented with compromised ears. This can lead to delayed speech and language skills, ear infections and hearing loss. 

BBC helps educators to promote early childhood social and physical development, which is essential for preventing build-up of fluid in ears leading to ear disease.

Educators who use this daily say they feel it results in improved hearing, fewer runny noses and ears, fewer coughs and colds and improves attention in kids

BBC also results in less referral to ear health agencies.

More information and resources can be found via the links below:

Hearing WA Website 

BBC Competition

We are giving away 2 free ear screening sessions for your centre. To enter upload a fun video of children in your centre (or your child if you are a parent) doing BBC. This could be a song, dance or rhyme. See the attachments '7 steps of BBC' for more information on the activity - or view the video of BBC submitted by Moorditj Kulungar Playgroup:

Moorditj Kulungar BBC Video

Upload your video to You Tube and send us the link, or upload it to social media and tag us in! Make sure you use the hashtags #whatsthatsnot @bringbackbbc #ears2learn

Ears 2 Learn 

In a partnership between Connecting Community for Kids, Earbus Foundation of WA, Goodstart Early Learning, NursePrac Australia and The Smith Family a community model for ear screening and surveillance is being designed and rolled out. This will provide more access points for universal ear checks for children in Kwinana and Cockburn areas aged 0 – 5 years before they commence school. 

Non-health professionals have been trained by Earbus Foundation to provide ear screening for children. These screeners have all their results reviewed by Audiologists from Earbus and are required to take Competencies every 6 months to ensure a standard of care across screeners and sites. They will deliver these ear screens in childcare and community settings and support parents with accessing treatment pathways and provide ongoing surveillance. Read the flyer attached for more information about this initiative.

Me@2 Passports 

The Me at 2 Passport aims to ensure 2 year old children in the community are meeting their developmental milestones through play-based activities. It acts as a starting point for parents to see how their child is growing and developing and to teach them new skills. It will highlight any areas for concern which you can then speak to your Child Health Nurse about. 

The passport is a booklet divided into: 

  • Gross Motor Skills 
  • Fine Motor
  • Skills Communication Skills 
  • Personal / Social Skills 
  • Problem Solving 

    Under each skill are ideas of fun activities you can do with your 2 year old to see if their development in this area is age appropriate. When your child has successfully completed the activity you can check it off in the passport. 

    This Me at 2 Passport is supported by the City of Cockburn, Wanslea Early Learning and Development and the Peel Early Years Collective. 

    Silver Linings

    Silver Linings is a Torres Strait and Aboriginal Community crisis response program for young people in the community. We support this program, along with The Smith Family and Woodside. Over ten months the community designed and produced a community resource that is universally accessible and culturally informed, also linking to the National Quality Framework.