Material Basics

1 in 6 children live in poverty (ACOSS) with their families forced to choose what basic needs they can afford that week – food, rent, clothes etc.

Nourishing Minds

We support the Nourishing Minds program at Medina Primary School. This program was established by teachers who observed the high number of school lunches that consisted of high sugar and low nutrition. The program aims to:  

  • Provide a nutritious lunch to 800 students twice per week
  • Educate students and families to make healthier eating choices
  • Connect the community by providing healthy lunches together
  • Support the most vulnerable members in our community

Supporting School Lunches 

A local primary school chaplain contacted CCK to ask for support with children's school lunches as there were a large number of their students coming to school with no breakfast, and also no lunch.

CCK Support volunteers from the ‘Ngalla Yorga Waangkan’ (local Aboriginal Womens Group) to now make school lunches for two local primary schools.

 We know that children can’t successfully begin their learning journey until their basic needs are met.