Ngany Miya Ngany Koort Boodja – This is my home, my heart land

Justine FawcettConnecting Community 4 Kids Blog

Connecting Community for Kids held their first gathering in a series of ‘That was my home’ presentations on Friday 28 September. Over 60 community members attended,

of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Elder Charlie Kickett opened the event with these inspiring words:

“There are 14 clans here, but we are all peoples and all connected. We are all blessed with two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we speak.  When we listen we learn.”

‘That was my home’, are set to be a series of vibrant thought provoking presentations celebrating Aboriginal rich history and diverse culture by inviting a series of community representatives to perform, inspire and educate the wider community.

The event included a smoking ceremony performed by Whaadjuk Traditional Owner,  Nigel Wilkes Snr and Alice Kearing of Mungart Yongah Nyoongah Arts Enterprise, dreamtime stories video, painting of the Charrnock woman, cultural food tasting included kangaroo stew, tail, damper and mushrooms, songs with Fred, dancing with Alice and Nigel and  sharing of many heartfelt memories by speakers Alice Kearing and Lynn Coomer.

Alice spoke of the six seasons, traditional survival techniques and moving between settlements. Lynn shared a story of resilience, and growing up in campsites after being taken from her parents at the age of seven, and returning to her koort boodja when she was 17.

“We survived, we built houses and we turned them into homes” said Lynn. “We did not live a life of luxury, but that was my home, my koort boodja, my heartland.”