Current Strategies 

Maaraka Dabakarn Hands to Steady

Maaraka Dabakarn is a free event for parents/carers with children under 8 years of age who are concerned about their development, or are pending an assessment.

Attendees will meet a range of therapists who will provide families with hands-on activities and resources they can use and take-away to support children. They will also have the opportunity to discuss their child’s development with Allied Health Professionals and have an ear screen.

So many families in the community are desperate to get help for their children but don’t know how to navigate the system, or are on lengthy wait lists.

Maaraka Dabakarn provides immediate support and pathways for families trying to support their child’s development. Families attending our last Maaraka Dabakarn in Cockburn said they felt more informed, less anxious and had a next step in place at the end of the session.

Circles of Support

Circles of Support are designed to wrap around families increasing their capacity and build local peer networks reducing isolation and improving mental health. The collaboration will ensure professional services are available to guide and support the work of the Circle of Support volunteers. Click here to read more about our Circles of Support. Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit for more information.

All Abilities Playgroups 

For young children with disability, we run community led universal playgroups through building capacity in existing groups to support children with disability. For our latest playgroup information click here.


In a partnership between CCK, Earbus Foundation of WA and Goodstart Early Learning a community model for ear screening and surveillance is being designed and rolled out. This will provide more access points for universal ear checks for children in Kwinana and Cockburn areas aged 0 – 5 years before they commence school.

Non-health professionals have been trained by Earbus Foundation to provide ear screening for children. These screeners have all their results reviewed by Audiologists from Earbus and are required to take Competencies every 6 months to ensure a standard of care across screeners and sites. They will deliver these ear screens in childcare and community settings and support parents with accessing treatment pathways and provide ongoing surveillance. Read the flyer attached for more information about this initiative.

Me@2 Passports 

The Me at 2 Passport aims to ensure 2 year old children in the community are meeting their developmental milestones through play-based activities. It acts as a starting point for parents to see how their child is growing and developing and to teach them new skills. It will highlight any areas for concern which you can then speak to your Child Health Nurse about.

The passport is a booklet divided into Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Communication Skills, Personal / Social Skills and Problem Solving. Under each skill are ideas of fun activities you can do with your 2 year old to see if their development in this area is age appropriate. When your child has successfully completed the activity you can check it off in the passport.

You can view the Me at 2 Passport here.

Silver Linings

Silver Linings is a Torres Strait and Aboriginal Community crisis response program for young people in the community. We support this program, along with The Smith Family and Woodside. Over ten months the community designed and produced a community resource that is universally accessible and culturally informed, also linking to the National Quality Framework.


CCK is part of the Education, Care and Family Network (ECFN) in both Kwinana and Cockburn. The ECFN aims to enhance children's learning and development from conception to eight years by impacting the culture and ways of working with families in Kwinana and Cockburn by building a strong community of trust, learning and practice. 

We have also developed a My Journey to School booklet Kwinana, and My Journey to School booklet Cockburn, which is supported by the Department of Education.

The booklet is filled with information from pregnancy to school entry for Kwinana parents and carers and ensures a smooth transition to school by preparing children and families during the early years including: 

  • Your child’s journey  to school age 
  • Your child’s journey the year before school 
  • When and how to enrol your child into school 
  • How to prepare your child for school 
  • Details of educational facilities and primary schools in Kwinana / Cockburn
  • Services and programs available in Kwinana / Cockburn