Early Intervention Child Health 

Ensuring children arrive at school able to hear, speak and socialise as a strong foundation for learning.

Objective 1

Increase ear health of children birth to 5 years.
Early detection and intervention in ear health shapes children’s lifelong health and learning.
- Ears2Learn - Ear screening program by trained Early Learning Educators providing free access for community.

Objective 2

Increase parents knowledge of childhood development by age 2 and how to support it.
Parents have the capacity and confidence to support their child’s early learning and development.
- Me@2 Passports - a resource for families to monitor child developmental milestones through play-based activities.
- Maaraka Dabakarn Hands to Steady - Support for families with developmental concerns for children 0-5 years via group therapy sessions and take-home resource kits.

Objective 3

Increase community-led/peer to peer health and developmental support for children 0-5 years.
Build opportunities for families and service providers to collaborate to support children’s health and learning.
- Waadiny Moordjit Silver Linings - a crisis response program for children co- designed by the Kwinana Aboriginal community.
- Maaraka Dabakarn Hands to Steady

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