Together We Can - Read

Why Read? Reading every day to your child gives them 290,000 more words by age five.

Benefits of reading 

  • Expand vocabulary and language
  • Promotes brain development
  • Stimulate imagination and creativity
  • Strengthens parent-child bond
  •  Introduces children to diverse cultures, ideas and experiences
  •  Empower children with a powerful tool for lifelong learning
  • A safe way to explore emotions such as going to the dentist

Idea to try

  • Make it fun – try funny voices and actions such as funny facial expressions, clapping and acting out events
  • Make a reading corner with beanbags and blankets
  • Join your local library and let your child select the books they wish to read
  • Have a different theme each week for example animals or seasons, or you could pick a ‘book of the week’ to inspire you for play-based activities such as cooking potions from ‘Room on the Broom’
  • Add reading to your daily routine – bath, book, bed


Better Beginnings - A WA literacy program that connects families with books. Includes a reading program called ‘Learning English through Storytime’ (LETS) for children learning to speak English as an additional language.

Storybox Library - Favourite stories read by storytellers

Local Libraries - Cockburn, Rockingham, Kwinana and Mandurah

Lote 4 Kids - An online database providing 2500+ books in 60+ languages

Story Online - Read along with your favourite actors thanks to the Screen Actors Guild Foundation

“… Why Read? Reading every day to your child gives them 290,000 more words by age five."
Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 2019