Sensory Play Ideas

Sensory play is important as it helps your child to learn about their world and socialise with others, which is important for optimal development.

Here are some sensory ideas based around our pop-up play sessions:

Slime / Oobleck 
How to make
Development links 

Snowman Playdough
Playdough Recipe
How to create 

DIY I Spy Bag 
How to create 
Development links


Beach Scavenger Hunt - see what nautical treasures you can find

Sloans Reserve Scavenger Hunt - explore the beautiful Sloans Reserve in Leda

Bibra Lake Regional Playground - Scavenger Hunt at Bibra Lake Regional Playground

Backyard Scavenger Hunt - See how many of the items on the list you can spot. Make sure you tick them off as you find them. Can you use any of the items to make some nature craft? Ideas could be fairy wands, faces, animals or photo frames.

Home Scavenger Hunt - It’s time to go on a treasure hunt around your house! See how many of the items on the attached worksheet you can find. Make sure you tick them off as you find them and send us a photo of your haul!

Mummy and Me Yoga - download our free printable and watch our You Tube video to guide your child through some special poses designed to calm the mind and create a special connection between you and your child.