THE IMPORTANCE OF THE EARLY YEARS - Together We Can Make a Difference

According to the Australian Education Development Census (AEDC), one in five children in WA is considered developmentally vulnerable by the time they start full-time schooling. The first 2,000 days of life – from conception to 5 years of age – is a key period of brain development that shapes cognitive, social and emotional abilities. The size of a child’s brain reaches 90% of an adult brain by age five.

Early experiences and interactions with caregivers and the environment have a profound influence on their learning capacities, language acquisition, and social skills. It’s also a time when children develop their motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and emotional regulation.

Investing in quality early childhood development for children can lead to numerous long-term benefits. Research suggests that children who receive a strong foundation in their early years are more likely to succeed academically and have healthier relationships. Early intervention can also help address developmental delays or challenges.

Together We Can Campaign

The Early Years Cockburn Network are working to highlight the importance of the Early Years in the ‘Together We Can’ campaign.

Together we want to improve the development, health and learning of children in the early years to create lasting change. It is together that we can recognise and prioritise the importance of the early years and champion better outcomes.

The campaign will highlight five key messages around the Early Years:

1. Read
2. Explore
3. Sing
4. Rhyme
5. Play