Together We Can - Sing

Benefits of Singing

  • Encourages speech and language development 
  • Improves breathing and posture 
  • Assists with emotional development and regulation 
  • Provides opportunities and skills necessary for interaction, engagement, and communication 
  • Develops a growth mindset that includes confidence and creativity 

    Idea to try

    • Give singing a shot, even if you think you’re not good at it - children love hearing your voice regardless of your ability
    • Make sure the child can see your mouth moving and making the words when you sing. This aids with speech development
    • Make chores fun by singing along whilst you work. For instance, try the pack-away or clean-up song to make tidying a breeze! 
    • Make up songs together and use your body for extra sound – think clapping hands, stomping feet, or banging on household items like buckets and pots
    • Attend a sing-along session at your local library


    Nursery Rhymes and Songs - A to Z - BBC Teach - An alphabetical list of animated videos with lyrics 

    The Wiggles - YouTube - Sing along to new and classic songs with The Wiggles 

    Try a podcast such as Sing Along with Abi Tucker - ABC Kids listen. from Play School. Listen live daily or use the playback feature. 

    The Wiggles - Brush Your Teeth | Kids Songs for Brushing Teeth | The Wiggles Toothbrush - YouTube 
    Clean Up Songs: 

    Clear Up Conga | Lyric Video | Tidy Up Song | Pop Songs for Kids | Musical Dots - YouTube 
    Clean Up Song - The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes for the Classroom or Daycare - YouTube 


    … Why Sing? Singing develops confidence and language development.