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Tayla Stone
CCK Family Mentor

Tayla is 28 and is in a wheelchair after a spinal injury at 16. She has two children Paityn (7) and Colt (4). She is employed at CCK through the DSS funding to be a family mentor. 

What was your situation 12 months ago?
I lacked self-belief resulting in no self-confidence. Life had become overwhelming, struggling through every single day.

The first day of work at CCK was terrifying, I felt dumb. I had been a stay-at-home mum of two children for so long, that it felt like I forgot how to use my brain. I was also worried that working with children would not give me that escape from being a mum at home

Why work with all this going on?
I knew I needed too for my mental health and well-being. I have always worked, even after sustaining my injury I needed to get back to work as quickly as possible.

How do you feel now?
I know my worth and believe in myself. I’m still here for a reason, and that reason I can’t wait to discover.

What’s changed?
A LOT has changed in my life since I started working with CCK. Most importantly my overall well-being. Before, I honestly believed that I had dealt with my trauma, however, my trauma wounds still controlled every aspect of my life leaving me fearful, angry, and scarred.

I really did hit rock bottom, a moment where leaving felt like my only option. My rock bottom though was my blessing in disguise. It was my opportunity to revisit my trauma and heal my inner wounds.

Slowly I have fallen back to my roots, before my world was turned upside down, all while finally letting my 16-year-old self-cross over. I’ve found my voice and want to use it. To help everyone acknowledge their wounds and to begin to transition back to their true self.

I now allow myself to embrace life and embrace my emotions. Home life is much better too, as well as my relationship with my husband to be.

I am happy as I recently worked at the City of Rockingham as the Community Development Officer for Seniors, and am now back at CCK as a family mentor whilst working on building my own brand and business.


“Leaning into spirituality, I look at life through a different lens, I only have THIS life, it’s fragile. I want to look back and be proud of it”


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