Stevie’s Story

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We met a lovely lady called Larissa in June 2019 when she contacted us to see if she could be matched up with one of our Community Mothers for some parenting support. She would often talk about her supportive husband Stevie, and her two gorgeous children aged 2 and 1 years.  Larissa told us that she met Stevie many years ago when they were both receiving treatment for cancer, and she spoke about how she was now in remission and life was blooming, she had a wonderful family and friends and they were thinking about buying a forever family home.

It was only a few months later that the cancer sadly returned and it was ruthless – Larissa lost her battle in December 2019.

It was a very dark time for Stevie who was now facing life alone as single Father of two young children. He was unable to leave the house and lost all of his confidence and independence. Our wonderful Community Mother Steph who had been allocated to Larissa contacted Stevie one day to see how he was doing.

When she realised the anguish that Stevie was in she quickly put a plan into place, along with Kyle from the Fathering Project. Together they took Stevie out for long chats over coffee, would check up on him frequently, encouraged him to become more involved in his community and linked him to other key services and agencies for support.

Today, whilst Stevie is still grieving, he is more confident and takes the kids out of the house to local events and parks. He has met new Dad’s in the community through CCK and knows where he can turn for support. The kids are happier, as he is happier, and there is a small light appearing at the end of the tunnel.

“Without the support of CCK and the Community Mothers I wouldn’t go out and would still be struggling”