April in the Community

Justine FawcettConnecting Community 4 Kids Blog

It’s been a busy month at Connecting Community for Kids with lots of community engagement, conversations, events and recruitment/training of our next round of Community Mothers.

Build with Dad – 7 April

A sell-out event run in collaboration with our dads strengthening dads action team, the fathering project and Perth junior brick builders.

Any father figure was welcome to attend for a fun afternoon of LEGO construction with their children.

Mums n Bubs nature hike – 10 April

A sell-out event that had mums and babies hiking through the natural beauty of Manning Park and the Davilak uplands. During the trek a guide provided information on the natural beauty of Manning Park. The trek was followed by a morning tea, allowing mums the chance to chat and enjoy each other’s company. This event was run in partnership with the City of Cockburn.

Global Picnic – 12 April

Funded by the City of Cockburn, and held at Hammond Park Primary School, the Global Picnic was a celebration of the rich diversity of cultures within the school.

A range of activities took place from our celebrate culture team members including the Cockburn Chinese community group dancers, the Clontarf aboriginal dancers and the creation of a harmony tree.

The event gave students the chance to learn more about the different cultures within their community. The aim was for students to take away an appreciation of their own culture, as well as that of their peers, through the sharing of food and performing arts.

Bear hunt – 15 April

Before the ‘bear hunt’ children made and decorated binoculars so they could find the bear in the woods. As the story of the bear was told, children crept into the woods in search of the bear. The bear was well hidden but was found eventually. After the bear was found the children made beautiful crowns from materials collected during the walk and enjoyed a scrumptious morning tea.