Maaraka Dabakarn Stories of Change – Parent Stories

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“We now feel better supported to work with our child’s needs. We have taken on board a lot of the strategies and already we are seeing improvements.”

Shanelle – Parent from Port Kennedy Maaraka Dabakarn

What were your concerns prior to attending Maaraka Dabakarn?

My 5 year old son was displaying aggressive behaviours which seemed to escalate quickly, often with no build up at all. This would include kicking, hitting, and trying to bite. Sometimes it was out of the blue and we were baffled about what caused the reaction. He would refuse to do anything unless it seemed like it was his decision.

He was also experiencing feelings of anxiety, refusing to go to school, and refusing to leave the house for other activities because his shoes were not tight or socks not on properly.

We also noticed a lot of defiance towards certain things we would ask of him, and he started to become extremely demanding, asking us to do things he is capable of doing himself. This can obviously be very disruptive and challenging for the whole family, and we were often unsure of how to handle these behaviours.

Was Maaraka Dabakarn helpful for you?

I was ‘that person’ who asks way too many questions! I was there to get support for my son, and I was so relieved to receive the support I needed. I was surprised at how many parents there were, and honestly, it felt good to see that we are not the only ones struggling with our child’s behaviour. It was eye opening as we received great help from professionals that we didn’t initially think were applicable to us, especially speech and occupational therapy. But as it turned out, they provided a wealth of knowledge and understanding specific to our situations.

Overall, all the therapists were really helpful and we were glad to have attended. I was pleasantly surprised as to how much of it was relevant to us given that it was in a group setting and it was amazing to think of the amount of support and useful strategies we were able to get with only 30 minutes per therapist.

After Maaraka Dabakarn what changed for you and your child?

We haven’t yet sought further assistance as we have taken the opportunity to implement some of their advice and tips as a first step. However, we may go down the avenue of assessment and/or professional support at some point soon so it is great that we now know the avenues available and what is involved. We now feel better supported to work with our child’s needs and have taken on board a lot of the strategies and already we are seeing improvements.

Since attending Maaraka Dabakarn, my husband and I have realised that a lot of the issues we were seeing appear to stem from watching TV playing games or being tired. With this new awareness, we have now been able to make changes to counteract some of these issues. In terms of parenting, we are also finding that our reaction to his actions have changed and are working better than before. This event has provided our family with some immediate relief, and we are now able to consider the next steps for us in an informed way.